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Horse Riding Lessons

Telford Equestrian Centre is a British Horse Society (BHS) and Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) Approved Riding School and Livery Yard with BHS and ABRS trained and qualified staff. We have the horses, ponies, instructors and facilities to suit the needs of every rider: from absolute beginners to aspiring competition riders with their own horse.

We teach children from the age of five. There is no upper age limit, but please note our upper weight limit is 14 stone.

Your Instructor
It is important that you have a good rapport with your Instructor as this will play a crucial part in your progress. Always be prepared to discuss your objectives, aims and ambitions with him/her (even if it is simply to have fun). It is vital that you trust your instructor and the two of you can communicate. In this way all parties can ‘sing off the same hymn sheet’ in order to achieve success.

As you progress with your riding skills, there may well be times when you feel you may benefit from some tuition with an alternative instructor. Never be afraid to say so. All of our instructors are prepared to collaborate with each other to help you to get the best experience to benefit your learning.

Clothing Requirements
Full length leg wear that fits comfortably and allows for room and flexibility in the saddle.
Shoes or boots must have a small heel and smooth sole. They do not need to be specifically equestrian but the design needs to be as close to traditional riding footwear as possible.
The wearing of riding hats are compulsory for riders when mounted. We have hats available for use free of charge: however if you decide to continue to ride we encourage you to purchase your own.
You are strongly advised to purchase a body protector; particularly for use when you begin hacking and jumping.

Private Lessons (1 to 1 Tuition) - £25.00 ½ hour £40.00 1 hour
For both adults and children beginning to ride, a ½ hour private lesson offers a great introduction to the experience of riding horses.

For the more experienced equestrian ½ or 1 hour private lessons are available to polish and perfect your riding/competition skills. Training may be taken on a school horse or you may bring your own horse for your lessons.

Walkabouts - £15.00 ½ hour
A walkabout is a leisure ride that lasts for ½ hour. For children or adults who want to experience the feel of being on horseback without the pressure or expense of a lesson then this is the option for you.

Group Lessons - £18.00 45mins beginners. £20.00 1 Hour intermediate
At Telford Equestrian Centre we have a graded group system. The structure benefits all age groups (from the age of five) and all abilities. Certificates are awarded to mark the riders progress throughout their training. This system applies to all riders (adults and children) who take part in our group lessons. Children who are five years and older can join in with the beginners group riding lessons which are held every Saturday at 10am and 3pm. Each session is 45 minutes long and is suitable for complete beginners.

Hacking/Trekking - £20.00 1 Hour
Experienced riders can enjoy leisurely hacks in the historic Granville Country Park. Hacks are generally one hour long, although two hour rides can be arranged with prior notice.

Bookings for all of the above may be made in person during a visit to the Centre during opening hours; or at any time by telephone (if no answer leave a message as we return all calls). We will take your height, weight, experience and contact details.