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'Take back the reins' - Beginner horse riding course for adults

Take Back the Reins - £120.00 for the course
The course consists of seven weekly group sessions. The first session is free. A payment of £120.00 is to be made in full at the beginning of week two.

The Take Back the Reins programme is aimed at adult beginner riders, as well as those who have not ridden for a while and would like to simply go back to basics. The course will see you well on the way to being able to walk and trot independently on our experienced horses. Over the weeks we will build your balance and fitness, and work towards a deeper understanding of the gentle nature of horses.
Take Back the Reins is a series of riding lessons providing individual and group coaching that has been designed to support your first steps into (or indeed back into) the saddle.
Fitting horses back into your life can be simple. Just half hour of riding per week can boost your sense of wellbeing and help to keep you feeling healthy and energized. Returning to riding or riding for the first time, may feel daunting but with the right horse and riding coach to give you confidence; it’s amazing how quickly you’ll get going.

Why Not? “I am really nervous”
There will be a qualified, experienced instructor to support you. Rest assured you will be matched with a horse that suits your ability. You are in control of setting your own personal goals and the speed of your progress will be governed by your confidence, as well as your physical balance and ability.

“I feel so unfit”
We do have a weight limit of 15 stone for riding. However this doesn’t mean that you can’t still join the course and enjoy working with the horses to build relationship skills with them on the ground. The physical activity in doing this will also help to improve individual fitness levels.
If you are below our weight restriction but feeling out of shape, it’s worth knowing that riding is a gentle way of getting exercise, fresh air and having fun. It will strengthen your core muscles and tone your bum, tum, legs and arms. Horse riding can provide a fun cardiovascular workout too, so it can be a useful addition to your exercise routine.

“I don’t like the thought of myself in jodhpurs”
The wearing of jodhpurs is optional, although as your riding skills develop you will likely come to realize the benefits of donning specialist clothing.

“I haven’t got any of the kit so I’ll look out of place”
We can lend you a hat (free of charge) and aslong as your footwear has a smooth sole and a small heel then that will be fine to begin with (see our what to wear section on the lessons page). Many people who are just starting out or returning to riding as a leisure past time don’t necessarily feel they want to rush out and purchase equestrian specific clothing, preferring instead to invest in their lessons and see how it goes before committing to buying all the gear: so you won’t be alone. As you progress in your riding though we do strongly advise wearing the correct attire as it is designed specifically with the comfort, performance and safety of the rider in mind.

“I won’t know anyone”
Take Back the Reins will not only build your riding skills but will also give you the opportunity to socialize and make and maintain new friendships as you all support each other to reach your goals, and the horses support you to realise your goals.

“Riding lessons are too expensive”
At Telford Equestrian Centre one of our aims is to make horse riding as accessible as possible to everyone. We do all we can to keep prices low. Riding in a group situation such as Take Back the Reins is a cost effective way in which you can experience the joys of riding and caring for horses.
If you’ve signed up to the local gym and found you hardly hit the treadmill, it may be worth considering putting your money to use with follow up weekly lessons or hacks through the Granville Country Park.

Go on, give it a go… the first week is FREE!

Week One free of charge

Weeks Two, Three, Four, Five and Six

Week Seven

Please see calendar for course dates.